Our Board

The Wabano Centre gratefully acknowledges the efforts of our dedicated Board of Directors. Wabano’s volunteer board plays an active role in the ongoing growth and development of the Centre. The support provided by the Board of Directors is integral to Wabano’s success, and to the well-being of our community.

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Wabano Board of Directors 2016-2017:


Valerie Whetung President
John Francis Treasurer
Colleen Whiteduck Vice-President
Jennifer Francis Secretary
Brian Pelletier Member-at-Large
Paul Skanks Member-at-Large
Lynn Chabot Member-at-Large
Alfred Linklater Member-at-Large

Wabano Grand Opening 2013

Wabano Grand Opening 2013

For information about the Board of Directors, please contact:

Eleanor Sloan
Assistant to Allison Fisher
(613) 748-0657 ext. 213