Our History

Wabano: (Ojibwe) new beginnings

In the early 1990s, Aboriginal communities identified the required solution to alarming health and well-being statistics among Aboriginal people: Aboriginal-led culturally-based health centres. In 1994, the Province of Ontario took a bold step and provided communities with the authority and support to act on their proposal to create specialized Aboriginal Health Access Centres (AHACs). Built between 1995 and 2000, 10 AHACs have been established across the province with each AHAC reflecting the specific needs of its local community and led by members of the Aboriginal community.

In just over a decade, Wabano has become an award-winning health care facility in Canada, garnering international recognition. Each year, Wabano provides professional services and cultural events to over 14,000 Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people – opening their doors to serve and build capacity in the entire community.