Rotarians for Wabano


Service above self –  Rotarians for Wabano Campaign

We are a group of Rotarians from Ottawa area Rotary clubs who have witnessed the work that the Wabano Aboriginal Health Centre does.  The Center’s primary purpose is to offer structured services and programs to improve the health and well-being of the Aboriginal community.


Rotarians for Wabano believe that everyone deserves a good start, an education, training opportunities, and a caring community of support.   Therefore, we will be helping to better the lives of some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

Wabano represents a progressive and successful model of how Aboriginals can work together to create a better future for Aboriginal people who live off reserve.  The outcomes of this impressive model go beyond the Aboriginal community to strengthen the Canadian fabric.

The reality in Canada today:

  • Canada ranks 4th out of 177 countries on UN development index, but drops to 68th when First Nations statistics are added.
  • 70% of Aboriginal people in Canada live off reserve.
  • Over 35,000 Aboriginals live in Ottawa.
  • 30% of the homeless population in Ottawa is Aboriginal.
  • Just over 1/2 of aboriginal children live in poverty.
  • 3/4 drop out of school before Grade 12.

Wabano self-funds (i.e. does not receive government funding) for many of the cultural events and programs such as vocational counseling and outreach to the homeless. These programs are the cornerstone of Wabano’s unique model of care, providing the conditions for good health including pride in ancestry, cultural reclamation, peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable environment, resources and social justice.

Our Rotarians for Wabano campaign goal is to raise $1.5 million to support the Social enterprise /Vocational area and programs.  This is a large campaign that is attainable with many little steps.

Our $1 / day program looks to generate 1500 donations at $1000 each.  Pledges can be fulfilled over 3 years. Donate online now.

Our campaign of $1.5 million will be the largest non-governmental contribution.

“This Campaign is a good example of how Rotarians can make a difference when we reach across Club lines and work together.”

Réné Melchers,
Former District Governor

Rotarians – Help us Spread the Word!

  • Invite us to speak at one of your meetings
  • Take a tour of the new Centre
  • Organize a fundraising project
  • Solicit your family members, friends and business associates to donate
  • Be sure to direct your donations to the “Rotarians for Wabano” campaign

For more information on Rotarians for Wabano, please contact:

Monique Warrack
Chair Rotarians for Wabano
(613) 795-5527

Rotarians for Wabano