Housing First

The principle of “Housing First” is that every person has the RIGHT to a safe and secure home.

Wabano’s Housing First Initiative helps First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples who are experiencing absolute or episodic homelessness.

The goal of Wabano’s Housing Initiative is to:

  • Assist First Nations, Métis and Inuit in finding affordable, safe and permanent housing.
  • Identify individual strengths and challenges and goal setting.
  • Provide culturally specific Aboriginal resources and education.

For more information please call Tina Slauenwhite at the coordinates below.


The Wabano Housing First Team:

Tina Slauenwhite – Housing First Director tslauenwhite@wabano.com ext. 203
Russ Halpin – Housing First Case Manager rhalpin@wabano.com ext. 239
Sylvia Sackaney – Housing First Case Manager ssackaney@wabano.com ext. 304
Gordon Spence – Housing Based Case Manager gspence@wabano.com ext. 258
Amanda Slauenwhite – Housing First Case Manager  aslauenwhite@wabano.com  ext. 235
Ruston Fellows – Youth Housing First Case Manager  rfellows@wabano.com ext. 262
Shannon Reid – Youth Housing First Case Manager sreid@wabano.com ext. 360
Erin Hill – Housing Support Worker ehill@wabano.com ext. 322
Sam Dafoe – Housing Support Worker sdafoe@wabano.com ext. 220
Frank Leaney – ASI Addictions Worker  fleaney@wabano.com ext. 259
Robert Scobie – Crisis Outreach Worker  rscobie@wabano.com  ext. 263
Jessica Dumont – Financial Benefit Worker  jdumont@wabano.com  ext. 257



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