The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health recognizes the absolute right of all clients to privacy and confidentiality and endorses the strongest possible safeguards to ensure the ethical and legal rights of clients. Wabano believes that sensitive information about clients is a sacred trust as well as a right protected under federal and provincial legislation.

Web Site Privacy Policy

Viewing Your Health Record

Wabano believes that a client has the right to access his or her own health information. A client can do this by making a request to see his/her health information in writing, which can be mailed to the Wabano clinic or given to the front-desk staff at reception. The client will then be contacted to come in for an appointment with a provider. The client will be able to go over the health record with the provider in order to understand the information. Any requests for a copy of a health record will take up to 30 days and a fee will apply.

Wabano Confidentiality Agreement

All verbal and/or written exchanges between you, as a Wabano client, and a Wabano staff member will be maintained in confidence except for specific exceptions.

These are the exceptions that will require a Wabano staff member to take appropriate actions to ensure your safety or that of others:

  • If you are in danger of seriously hurting yourself;
  • If you are in danger of hurting someone else;
  • If there is good reason to believe that you’re is abusing or neglecting a child or vulnerable adult.
  • If a known sexual perpetrator is in close contact with a child presently under 16;
  • If the Wabano staff member becomes aware of sexual abuse that has been committed by another professional.

For any other cases, information will not be released to police without a subpoena.

All Wabano staff and volunteers of Wabano are required to sign a “Confidentiality” clause and to comply with the terms of the Confidentiality, during and after the agency has ceased contact with a client. The agreement assures the client that:

  • All aspects of the relationship between Wabano and its clients, including any initial contact by the client, remain confidential during and after the period in which services are provided.
  • Confidential information may only be disclosed to another agency or individual with the informed, written consent of the client and then only with the reasonable assurance that the receiving agency provides the same degree of confidentiality and respect for the right of privileged communication as Wabano.
  • Individuals are permitted to block personal health information provided to particular individuals or organizations including staff at Wabano. This means the individual expressly withholds or withdraws consent for release of personal health information. This might include an item of information or their entire record.
  • When sending emails regarding clients, only first names should be used to ensure client confidentiality is protected in case emails are intercepted or sent to the wrong email address.

If you believe that there has been a breach of confidentiality you can submit a complaint to the Wabano Privacy Officer at or by calling 613-748-5999 and asking for the Privacy Officer.  You may also choose to contact the Ontario Privacy Commissioner at 1-800-387-0073. Any incidents will be reviewed with all concerned.