Centre of Excellence

Wabano is highly acclaimed for its medical services. Since opening in 1998, we have excelled in the provision of quality primary care. Our unique model of care integrates a full medical clinic, mental wellness clinic, community and cultural programs along with community outreach to provide a place that all Indigenous people can call home.

We specialize in the following

Chronic disease

  • How to live well with chronic disease, ongoing support, health promotion, medical and diagnostic support.
  • We serve more than 5,400 clients and the demand is growing.

Women’s health

  • Health promotion, screening, diagnostic services, well women’s health support
  • 3,000 women access our services regularly

Maternal & newborn health

  • Pregnancy rates are rising in our community, we offer: prenatal care, nutrition, counselling, postpartum care and breast feeding clinics
  • One third of our caseload are under the age of 25

Baby Ribbon Blanket 3 032Wabano’s expanded space allows us to welcome specialists and enhance programming in all our areas of expertise: chronic disease, women’s health, maternal & newborn health.

We launched a new social enterprise program, outfitted with personal and industrial sized sewing machines, providing space for community members to expand their skills and seek new employment opportunities.

We have a permanent Residential Schools educational exhibit, developed in partnership with the Legacy of Hope Foundation to provide students and community an opportunity to learn about the history of Residential Schools through the eyes of Indigenous people.

Our innovative programs incorporate traditional Indigenous cultural practices, sharing the stories, ceremonies and teachings that were lost during the history of colonization and the residential school program. Our traditional parenting, healing with culture and supporting children and youth programs are examples of best practices we are sharing across the nation.

Our Working Hope and Project s.t.e.p.  program is an example of collaboration with other providers in Ottawa to create better outcomes for aboriginal youth facing mental health and addiction issues.

We are focusing on education, research & training:

  •  Expand and grow our Culture as Treatment symposiums

    2018 Symposium keynote speaker, Winona LaDuke

  • Provide a full complement of community health education and prevention strategies for clients.
  • Work with medical schools to educate new graduates so that they can apply Wabano’s model of care across Canada.
  • Welcome internships and elective rotations for doctors, nurses and midwives from other centres so that they can witness the value of our culture in the healing process.
  • Collaborate and associate with major research efforts to address pressing Indigenous health concerns such as fetal alcohol syndrome, violence within the population, and growing rates of diabetes.

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