Healing with Culture

Culture is the cornerstone of the Wabano’s approach to health and wellness. Culture is woven through everything we do.

As part of building a healthy community we hold culture nights weekly for  individuals, families and groups that incorporate Aboriginal beliefs, values and traditions to promote holistic healing. Over 150 take part each week in these activities.

“It doesn’t bother me when I go without culture, yet when I’m exposed to it I realize it’s the best thing.”
– Youth respondent in My Life, My Wellbeing Survey

Our support groups incorporate traditional activities and ceremony help clients give and receive emotional and spiritual support.


Wabano’s homelessness outreach team leads a Carving Empowerment Circle to promote creativity, self awareness and problem solving.

Come Bead With Us offers individuals the chance to learn how to bead, share their stories, and help each other find ways of dealing with difficult times. A therapist takes part in the group to guide discussion and to support clients in crisis.

Honouring Sisters in Recovery hosts a weekly talking and drumming circle for women recovering from addictions. Participants can also take part in land-based learning and healing activities, including medicine walks and sweat lodge ceremonies.

Last year, 264 clients took part in healing groups and circles.