Working Hope and Project s.t.e.p.

Wabano’s Working Hope program, part of the non-mainstream school sites Project s.t.e.p. initiative, helps youth facing mental health and addictions turn their lives around. Through the program, Wabano meets youth where they are—in schools and community service agencies—and connects them with culturally-based supports in their community. The program offers individual counselling, talking circles, life skills education and cultural activities to create an environment for youth to feel they belong and that they have the courage and skills to meet life’s challenges.

Project s.t.e.p. is our community’s response to addressing the need for substance abuse treatment, education and prevention for young people. With the support of community partners, local champions and leaders, this project supports comprehensive substance abuse education, prevention, and treatment programs in more than 50 high schools and in three non-mainstream schooling sites. s.t.e.p. stands for support, treatment, education, prevention.  Project s.t.e.p.  is managed by the United Way. For more information on Project s.t.e.p. see the website.

The 2012/2013 report on the outcomes from Project s.t.e.p. is now available.  Breaking the Cycle, Building Hope, project s.t.e.p. results report for non-mainstream school settings.  Highlights include: 90% of youth said they met their objectives, 85% felt better about themselves, 76% felt they had built healthier relationships, 71% had reduced their frequency of use.