Our Logo


The Wabano logo depicts the power of a sunrise. It takes its shape and meaning from the Ojibwe word Wabano—which in its simplest terms means the morning twilight, the dawning of a new day, a new beginning. If we delve deeper, Wabano means the time when night meets day. Our Elders tell us that this time is thinner than a strand of hair, yet even in its brevity, it is the most powerful time—where magic happens and new beginnings are possible.

At Wabano, our goal is to create a place where these new beginnings can happen for all Indigenous people – First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

Our logo represents us all

The circular shape of the logo represents unity of all cultures and shows that we are all connected, all related. This circle concept is shared by First Nations, Inuit and Métis cultures.

There are four parts to the logo, representing the four elements. The four elements are also the names of the four floors of our building.

  • Earth: dark blue at the bottom of the logo (ground floor)
  • Water: turquoise in the middle (maternal wellness and clinic floor)
  • Fire: sun burst (cultural gathering space)
  • Sky: rainbow segments at the top of the logo (social enterprise, mental health and outreach)

The lines separating earth from sky and water represent the confluence of three rivers in the Ottawa area; the Rideau, the Gatineau and the Ottawa. The line that cuts between the turquoise and dark blue takes its shape from Métis infinity flag that represents the joining of cultures that will go on forever.

The shape of the turquoise, which represents water, emulates the undulating glass that hugs the outside of the building.

The space in the middle depicts a sunburst, and combined with the shifting colours above, represents the northern lights and sky of our people to the North.

The thirteen points of the rising sun represent the thirteen Grandmother Moons.

The seven coloured segments that make up the top half of the logo represent the seven Grandfather Teachings: wisdom, truth, honesty, love, respect, humility and courage. From right to left they depict the shifting colour of the sky from a yellow sunrise in the east to a purple sundown in the west.