What We Do

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Wabano is a…

  • Critical Service – More than 30% of Ottawa’s Indigenous population access the services and support provided by Wabano. In addition to providing Indigenous health services, Wabano is a place where Indigenous pride is flourishing and is now better understood and appreciated by the wider community.
  • Gateway to Health – Accessing health care, support services and making connections through the Wabano Centre has made the experience of moving to the city positive and fulfilling for thousands of Indigenous people in the Ottawa region.
  • Urban Solution – Wabano has become their beacon of hope. At Wabano, First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people find the comfort of a shared culture and the support of people who share their history, their values and many of their challenges.
  • Key Partner – Wabano is part of the extensive network of health care, social services, youth engagement and support, and mental health service and other partners in the Ottawa region, that together address the many challenges of our citizens at risk.
  • Leader – Wabano has become known as the authority on Indigenous needs and issues in our region and our leaders work closely with health networks, police, and first responders.