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If you’re having troubles finding a particular name or donor, please contact us for help.

Join us as we put the finishing touches on the Wabano Centre – a Centre of Excellence in Aboriginal health care that bridges traditional knowledge and culture with contemporary health care. The new centre has a cultural gathering space that highlights Canada’s unique identity through Indigenous design. And you can be part of it!

Buy a virtual tile in the floor of the gathering space today and leave a legacy of support for community health and well-being.

Cost: $200 for a virtual tile
Tax receipts are available.
Floor has 2,048 tiles

Simply move your mouse over the floor above and click the tile you wish to buy. Each virtual tile has space for two names that will be recognized online. A tile that has already purchased will be highlighted with a black border around it and will let you know who has already donated that specific tile. If a tile is available to be purchased it will be not have any markings and will tell you of its availability (for mobile and tablet users please note that hover-over notifications may not be accessible on your device).

After you have completed the required donation steps and completed payment, you will be redirected back to the Wabano campaign page and you will receive a confirmation email*.

*Note: Base on your own personal email settings, confirmation emails may end up in your junk mail or spam folders, so please be sure to adjust your setting and check all incoming email folders.

Thank you in advance for your contribution and ongoing support of the Wabano Centre.

For those you have already purchased a virtual tile in the Wabano Centre through the Buy a Virtual Tile campaign, you will notice a search bar along the righthand side that will allow you to either search for your tile or scroll through alphabetically all the donors and see its placement.

Wabano Buy A Virtual Tile Donation

  • Price: $ 200.00 CAD
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  • American Express
  • Before completing the your virtual tile purchase, please confirm the display name(s) you have chosen to appear on the virtual tile & your purchaser details to assure all information is correct.
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