Seniors Circle (In-Person)

Aaniin, Boozhoo! Shé:kon, Ullakut! Waachiyaa, Osiyo! Hello, Bonjour! We would like to invite you to our IN-PERSON Indigenous Seniors Circle. Weekly teachings and activities will revolve around every month's moon. Share great moments, lots of laughter and a beautiful atmosphere with new friends. Mondays and Wednesdays, 10 am to 2 pm Please register directly by...

Medicine Walk with Della Adams

Della Adams joins us for a medicine walk at Mud Lake to learn about plant medicines! Don’t forget your water bottles, hats and sunscreen! Lunch and bus tickets are provided. For more information or if you have issues registering, please contact: Kathryn Barry 613-748-0657 ext. 241


Virtual Yoga Tune-Up

Virtual Yoga Tune-Up is a fitness therapy designed to decrease pain, fix posture problems, and enhance performance. It's the combination of yoga, self-massage, and corrective movement using tune-up therapy balls. Every Wednesday from 5:15-6:15pm For more information or if you experience issues while registering, please contact: Jodi Turner Healthy Living Coordinator 613-748-0657 Ext. 379


Women’s Drum Circle

Join our virtual drum circle for Indigenous women to sing, listen, relax, share teachings, songs and socialize! All ages are welcome to this event. Upon registration, we will send you a link to join us. For more information or to register, please directly contact: Sharon Beaudin Cultural Oshkawbaywis 613-748-0657 Ext. 314 Funded by Indigenous...