Indigenous communities have had healthy and thriving sexualities for centuries.

Safe, informed and consensual sex is part of living the good life.

Indigenous Sexuality

We want our community members to enjoy their sexuality in a safe and fun way, which is why we run a variety of events, workshops and programs so that people can have welcoming space to ask questions and talk about everyone’s favourite subject – sex!

Our sexuality programs are specifically designed for the Indigenous community and aim to be educational, fun and create kinship. Topics covered include:

  • Two Spirit teachings,
  • traditional teachings on healthy sexuality,
  • information about STIs
  • healthy relationships, consent and boundaries

We provide a safe and positive space for the LGBTQ-Two Spirit community, come together to attend outings in the community like Pride Parade, and offer specialized workshops in the community.

Check out our Programs and Events calendar to see our upcoming activities.

For more information check out our sexuality programs you can connect with our team.