Box of Hope

BC students journey to Ottawa with “Box of Hope” to promote equity, reconciliation

June 2013 – In celebration of the National Day of Healing and Reconciliation, high school students from Prince Rupert, British Columbia journey to Ottawa on June 11 to present the people of Canada with a “Box of Hope” to promote fairness and equity for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children.

The students will transfer the box to the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in a small ceremony at 4 pm.

The Wabano Centre is the site of an educational and commemorative exhibit of Indian Residential Schools, funded by the Legacy of Hope Foundation.

The ceremony will feature other presentations and entertainment. This event is open to the public.

The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health delivers quality, holistic, culturally-relevant health and social services to First Nations, Inuit and Métis in Ottawa

Grizzly Bear Box of Hope

Who: Students from Charles Hays Secondary School, Prince Rupert, British Columbia

What: Gifting of “Box of Hope” to Wabano’s Indian Residential Schools commemoration exhibit

When: June 11, 4 pm

Where: Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health, 299 Montreal Rd., Ottawa