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Cancelled until further notice – Quit Smoking Support: Tobacco as a Sacred Messenger


Tobacco as a Sacred Messenger is a culturally based quit smoking support program for Indigenous people in the Ottawa region. Activities offered through this program vary by season and include monthly information booths, 1-1 counselling, elder support, cultural teachings, physical activities, crafts, and more!

Now offering free Nicotine Replacement Therapy for registered clients.

For more information or to register, please contact:

Kevin Qitsualik
Addictions Counsellor & Case Manager
(613) 748-0657 ext. 286




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“…And then he talked about how tobacco has a spirit and that if you want to change your relationship with the spirit of tobacco ask it for help. He said to me, that one must go into the bush in the silence and make an offering to the tobacco spirit and ask for help to quit using tobacco in a non-traditional way. Offerings are good and they do help.” – Elder Elsie Sanderson

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