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Cancelled until further notice – Programs and Seasonal Teachings

Programs and Services Offered to the Community

  • Culture Night Program– A program for Aboriginal families to take part in a variety of cultural activities. (Family drum circle, traditional teachings, Aboriginal crafts and more).
  • Drum Circle– Aboriginal women’s drum circle (drums provided)
  • Seasonal Celebrations– Inuit and Metis Day Celebrations, Spring Celebration, Fall Harvest, Strawberry Tea, Winter Solstice etc.
  • Craft Workshops– Aboriginal crafts (i.e. Drum making, moccasins, cradleboard, Inukshuks, etc.)
  • Ceremonies– Sweatlodge, Medicine Walks, Drum Awakening ceremonies, Seasonal ceremonies
  • Cultural Supplies and Resources– Medicines, drums , videos, booklets, fact sheets, digital images.
  • Outreach– Supplies and material for school presentations and information booths.
  • Lunch and Learn– Monthly information sessions including staff time with Elders
  • Talking Circles
  • Elder consultations– one-on-one and group sessions
  • Protocol Workshops and teachings on traditional medicines
  • Access to Wabano’s Cedar Lodge with appointment
  • Bookings to speak to an elder, cultural sensitivity training, drumming or cultural performances

For more information, contact 

Vanessa Cyr
Culture Team Lead
(613) 748-0657 ext. 317



This information was collected from the Anishnawbe Health Centre in Toronto. Teachings vary from region to region.

Tobacco is used as an offering, in ceremony and prayer. Tobacco is always offered first to Elders and Healers when seeking help or guidance. Tobacco is put down before picking medicines. Tobacco sits in the eastern door.

Sweetgrass is the sacred hair of Mother Earth. Its sweet aroma reminds people of the gentleness, love and kindness she has for the people. Sweetgrass has a calming effect. It is used for smudging and purification. Sweetgrass sits in the southern door.

Sage is used to prepare people for ceremonies and teachings. Sage is used for releasing what is troubling the mind and for removing negative energy. Sage is commonly used for smudging. It is also used for cleansing homes and sacred items. Sage sits in the western door.

Cedar has many restorative medicinal uses. A bath in cedar water can be healing. Cedar is used to purify the home and in fasting and sweat lodge ceremonies as a form of protection. For example, cedar branches cover the floor of the sweat lodge. Cedar sits in the Northern door.



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