COVID’s still out there. Below are some actions you can take to reduce your risk. Every one of them adds a layer of protection which can lower your risk & the risk you pose to those around you. 

Think of it this way, Ottawa: the colder it is outside, the more important it is to dress in layers to protect yourself from the cold & stay warm. As it gets colder, you add more layers. 

Well, in this case the higher the level of risk you’re facing, the more important it is to consistently use as many of these layers as you can. And every single layer counts! 

Your layers: 

  • Being vaccinated with all the doses you’re eligible for 
  • Monitoring yourself for symptoms & staying home when sick 
  • Wearing a mask 
  • Avoiding crowded indoor spaces 
  • Maintaining physical distancing 
  • Washing your hands (yes, still) 
  • Respecting those who remain at higher risk of complications from COVID-19 


Information provided by Ottawa Public Health