All Wabano staff and volunteers of Wabano are required to sign a “Confidentiality Agreement” and to comply with the terms of the agreement, during and after the agency has ceased contact with a client.

The agreement assures the client that:

All aspects of the relationship between Wabano and its clients, including any initial contact by the client, remain confidential during and after the period in which services are provided.

Confidential information may only be disclosed to another agency or individual with the informed, written consent of the client and then only with the reasonable assurance that the receiving agency provides the same degree of confidentiality and respect for the right of privileged communication as Wabano.

Individuals are permitted to block personal health information provided to particular individuals or organizations including staff at Wabano. This means the individual expressly withholds or withdraws consent for release of personal health information. This might include an item of information or their entire record.

When sending emails regarding clients, only first names or case numbers are used to protect client confidentiality.

As a Wabano client you have the right to:

  • Receive services in a safe and secure environment and that they are culturally appropriate and provided in a professional, effective and efficient manner
  • Be treated with dignity and respect and without discrimination
  • Understand the type of care that is being provided and what receiving that care will mean for you
  • Have your privacy protected
  • Know that there are limits to confidentiality and that information about you will only be shared to provide quality care, ensure safety or fulfill legal responsibilities
  • See your file within a reasonable timeframe
  • Provide feedback on services being provided
  • Be informed about available services
  • Make a complaint if you are not satisfied with the care provided
  • Refuse treatment and to be informed of what may happen if you do so
  • Know if students or volunteers will be involved in your one-on-one care and have the right to refuse such involvement.

As a Wabano client you have the responsibility to:

  • Be respectful of Wabano staff and other community members
  • Be respectful and not damage Wabano property
  • Attend appointments and call if you cannot make an appointment
  • Adhere to guidelines, protocols, and agreements of Wabano and their programs
  • Help maintain a safe environment at Wabano: including not engaging in behaviour that could jeopardize other community members (e.g. bringing weapons, alcohol or drugs)
  • Respect the confidentiality of the circle and of other clients.

Wabano’s commitment to privacy:

All verbal and/or written exchanges between you, a Wabano client, and a Wabano staff member will be kept confidential except for specific exceptions. These are the exceptions that will require a Wabano staff member to take appropriate actions to ensure your safety or that of others.

  • If you are in danger of seriously hurting yourself;
  • If you are in danger of hurting someone else;
  • If there is good reason to believe you are abusing or neglecting a child or vulnerable adult;
  • If a known sexual perpetrator is in close contact with a child presently under 16;
  • If a Wabano staff member becomes aware of sexual abuse that has been committed by another professional.
  • For any other cases, information will not be released to police without a subpoena.