An Indigenous Centre for Excellence

Wabano is both a leader and a helper in Indigenous healthcare.

We seek innovation.

Indigenous traditions help us find ground-breaking solutions where other see problems. From woodcarving as addictions recovery, to talking sticks as family therapy, to beading as entrepreneurship, Wabano’s services start new paths.

We uphold storytelling and hold stories.

Wabano is a living library. We integrate evidence-based data with the oral tradition of storytelling. From gathering stories that are both data- and culture-driven, we understand the unique needs of our Indigenous communities. Our knowledge, leadership and advocacy is the catalyst to policy change throughout Ontario.

We model excellence.

Wabano is accredited (with a score of 100%) through the Canadian Centre for Accreditation. We have tested and developed our own unique Model of Care, that places Indigenous culture at the centre of all our treatment and services. Organizations from across the country turn to Wabano to learn about our model.

A Centre for Beauty

There are few healthcare buildings whose architecture mirrors the beauty of the community it serves. Wabano’s building does.

The rippled glass outside the centre represents the two rivers that meet in Ottawa. Ottawa was traditionally a gathering place for Indigenous communities across Ontario – a place to trade, to make alliances and to celebrate.

When you enter the centre, each level represents an element:

Earth – ground floor: Where our children’s programs are offered… reminding us that we keep the earth for our children.

Water – main floor: Where our clinic and maternal health care occurs… reminding us that water is our first medicine.

Fire – community gathering space: Where we come together to celebrate… reminding us to join together around the fire.

Sky – top level: Where our mental health and social enterprises occur… reminding us that Grandfather Sun and Grandmother moon support our journeys. 

The ceiling is a medicine wheel. Reminding us that health encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

A Centre for Community

At Wabano, we’re here to help members of Ottawa’s Indigenous community every step of the way, from providing healthcare to mental health programs, from cultural events and classes, to collaborating with social service providers.

Wabano has over 20 years of experience in Indigenous healthcare. We are part of the network of Aboriginal Health Access Centres, whose sole purpose is the health and well-being of our Indigenous communities across Ontario. Our unique model of care ensures that culture is the heart of everything we do. And its culture that keeps our communities healthy.

No matter what path you are on, Wabano is here with the support and care that you need. Where will your path take you?