Youth Diversion

We are here to help Indigenous youth aged 12-17 who have gotten into conflict with the law.

The goal of the Diversion program is to guide them to a new path, building networks of supports and choices. Indigenous youth get their own case workers who work with them to create a personalized action plan, that meets police/authorities requirements while integrating culture and community.

Youth are supported at every step of the process so that they can meet their goals. Once their goals and plan are completed, Wabano submits a completed summary report to the referring agency for review. Once the report has been accepted, there is no further action from the police or authorities and Indigenous youth are welcomed into the community.

Contact our Youth coordinator for more details.

Youth Reintegration

Our Youth Reintegration team provides ongoing support to Indigenous youth aged 12-17 who have got in trouble with the law and have completed their sentencing.

Through a personalized action plan, a coordinator works with each youth to ensure they have a plan for reintegrating back into the community and helps them set goals to make the plan a reality. Our coordinators also provide support for youth to find a job, a home and build connections to the community and culture.

Contact our Youth Reintegration coordinator for more details.

Youth Transition

At the age of 16, youth age out of the foster care system and many Indigenous youth start on a new path of caring for themselves. Our Youth Transition team helps individuals aged 16-24 figure out what they need to build a good life, from finishing school, to getting a job, to finding an apartment, to advising them on the financial and community supports that are available.

Contact our Youth Support coordinator for more details.

Aboriginal School Liaison

Knowing that you are recognised and heard is an important part of education. Unfortunately many schools aren’t equipped to understand the culture or needs of many Indigenous students. That’s where our Aboriginal School Liaisons comes in.

Working from a cultural foundation, the Aboriginal School Liaison supports self-identified First Nations, Inuit and Métis students that attend school in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (Kindergarten to Grade 12). These dedicated workers:

  • Advocate for students and families between home and school.
  • Provide in-school cultural support.
  • Help improve academic achievement
  • Provide awareness and support in self-identifying at school.
  • Provide resources to help enhance cultural awareness and understanding to teachers/students/school board.

Contact our Aboriginal School Liaison coordinator for more details.

Contact one of our Youth Support coordinators