Our Model of Care is Rooted in Culture

The closest word in the Ojibwe language for health is “mino bimaadiziwin” which means “living the good life.” Each quadrant in our model of care is rooted in Indigenous wisdom and supports clients in living their good life.

Wabano’s model of care takes a deeper look at the Medicine Wheel teachings and is based on the work of Dr. Martin Brokenleg. Wabano’s model of care has four components:

  1. Belonging
  2. Mastery
  3. Interdependence
  4. Generosity


A feeling of deep calm and contentment that comes from safe:

  • Kinship relationships between clients and staff rooted in the seven grandfather teachings
  • Physical environment where these relationships can flourish.


Gaining the knowledge, skills and expertise to excel in a particular area. Involves learning through a variety of methods including mentorship, training and experience.


Connection to one’s community that is rooted in balanced, mutually beneficial relationships, where the person is able to give of his/her talents for the benefit of the whole.


Having a spiritual/cultural connection that empowers us to give of ourselves selflessly, beyond what is expected, to help the community and future generations.