CAS Support

Our number one goal is to support children, youth and families. Through the family circle of care, our team provides peaceful resolution for self-identifying First Nation, Inuit and Métis families involved with the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa (CAS).

Our Circle of Care connects Indigenous families with community resources and helps them create safety plans for the well-being of kids and families alike. Indigenous families, status or non-status, are eligible for this program, regardless of whether they are working with the CAS voluntarily or by court order.

Our coordinators and facilitators work on behalf of the Indigenous community, not the CAS, and ensure that each Circle of Care takes place at a location that feels safe and comfortable for the family.

The are three ways a family can get into the Circle of Care program:

  • Ask a Children’s Aid Services worker for a referral
  • Ask a local Indigenous social service or health worker for a referral
  • Contact our Circle of Care Coordinator using the form below.

Our Circle of Care is here to support you and your family through community connections and networks of support. We walk with families along the path to resolution and once the CAS closes the file, we honour each family with a celebration lunch that includes friends supports and Elders.

Contact our Family Support Team