Healthy Living Programs

The Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health’s Besti-Omi program services clients of all age groups. The Healthy Living Program makes change happen by:

  • Providing clients with a culturally-safe environment to meet their spiritual, cultural, physical and emotional needs;
  • Improving health through quality physical activity programming, nutrition & healthy eating support, and by reducing rates of commercial tobacco use among the urban Indigenous population;
  • Empowering all clients to make positive lifestyle changes that promote good health; and
  • Emphasizing culture as the basis of all activities.


Good food makes all the difference. Here’s how Wabano can help.

Good Food Box: Get fresh fruit and vegetables available once a month for $10, $15, or $20, organic for $25, or just fruit for $5!

Contact the Ottawa Good Food Box to sign up.

Community Kitchen: Why pay money for a cooking class when you can be part of a community kitchen instead? Learn to cook healthy and budget-friendly meals with us every Friday. We prepare, learn, cook, enjoy lunch, and clean-up together.

Please see our Community Kitchen Group Rules before attending.

Check out our Programs and Events calendar for upcoming Community Kitchen events.

For more information contact: cook@wabano.com