Dennis Windego Workshop: Healing Through the Inner Wisdom of Self-Awareness

Indigenous healing & western psychotherapy honour the healing potential within a person. When we can calm the inner sense of Self, we are able to recognize the steady voice of deep knowing. Dennis Windego facilitates this process, guiding a wise practice that can be carried beyond a workshop. Working with each person's unique inner land-base,...


Youth Drop-In

Youth Drop-In welcomes all Indigenous youth ages 12+ to come together and hangout in a fun and safe space! Start your weekend in a good way by connecting with peers and participating in healthy living activities such as cooking, physical activity and sports, and get creative with hands-on activities such as art drawing, painting and...


Wellbriety – Kiyam

This in-person men's group will focus on a holistic approach to learn and benefit from traditional, as well as conventional means of healing. It will provide the medicine and tools that will help empower ourselves over drugs, alcohol and or violence, to help us overcome the trauma that has caused our spirits to be wounded....